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The new book, ‘What is Next’ is now available for Pre-Order from Amazon What is Next: Lacrosse and Life Lessons | struggle, hustle and succeeding on purpose

My Worst Nightmare

In my opinion, one of the worst, day wrecking, gut wrenching, vomit inducing, mental breaking, nightmare of the epic proportions, is spilling my coffee. Just the mere thought of it has my skin crawling and begins to produce a visceral reaction that makes me eerily uncomfortable. knowing sips from the Heaven’s above will never beContinue reading “My Worst Nightmare”


Many moons ago I worked at a summer camp in Cavan Ontario. Maple Creek Ranch was one of Ontario’s premier summer camps for kids ranging from youngsters to teens. I was first a camper each summer, but as I grew older and my dad being the first aid man on staff, I reached staff designationContinue reading “Trampolines”

Going for a spin

Driving by the Peterborough Exhibition after work today conjured up memories of a time I would prefer to let go from my vast collection of childhood stories.  The contraption of certain horror that caught my attention was the spiraling death trap with lights that starts horizontal than proceeds to propel itself in a vertical fashionContinue reading “Going for a spin”

Raging Water

Today was a tough day… the reality of a broken relationship, questioning all my past and current choices, the hurt of misunderstanding, the feeling of shame, the weight of my family’s future and the constant barrage of self sabotaging negative dialogue is raging a war inside my head.  My heart aches, and my body hurts. Continue reading “Raging Water”

Open Hands

one of the most obvious life lessons I have had the (unfortunate) pleasure of learning over the past few years, is the life is not in my control.  As much as I can try and take control of things and try to steer situations, outcomes, even people in a direction that I feel they shouldContinue reading “Open Hands”

The Good Doctor

To be able to pen words of wisdom and enlightenment, with an inspirational depth unattainable by another human while being consistent and concise with cadence and and incredible advice… is a dream that one day I wish to realize. I will never be as eloquent and precise as one of my all all time favoriteContinue reading “The Good Doctor”

Social Loneliness

According to my social media reach, my popularity and friendships are extensive…I couldn’t begin to tell you just how many “friends” or “followers” I have on all the various platforms I visit daily. This is rather unfortunate and somewhat meaningless to my actual social reality. Running a business has prompted the unfortunate necessity for anContinue reading “Social Loneliness”

Hands and Heart

One of the ways to my heart is through my hands.  There is nothing more fulfilling and surprisingly calming for me then when my children reach out to hold my hand.  There is something about feeling the love, warmth and innocence of a child you love with everything you are, grasping your hand so tight. Continue reading “Hands and Heart”

my mosiac mug…

life is fragile. have you ever dropped your favorite caffeinated beverage containment unit? You know, the one you have your morning coffee with… daily?  That special mug that no matter how much you wash it, has that beautiful circumferential remnant stain providing a unique taste from years of glorious liquid that has seen you throughContinue reading “my mosiac mug…”


We can waste it, or make good use of it There can sometimes never be enough or sometimes simply too much To some, it is worth more than they have to give.  For others, it is a precious gift It can be spent wisely and used for those that are most important to us WeContinue reading “Time…”

your story…

“Your story isn’t finished yet”. this thought challenged me in a semi-sleepy-state the other night.  Most self-employed entrepreneurs can likely relate that sleep is a precious commodity that we rarely get to experience; even on a good day. Minds race, thoughts, visions, goals, lists etc, bombard our conscious and ricochet through our temples.  With millionsContinue reading “your story…”


its been a while since my last post and boy has life been interesting… not going to get into all the details, but it has been tough… I’ve already shared about the importance of breathing, and how life can make us forget that we are still alive, and just how much of a gift thatContinue reading “air”

Skinned Knees…

This summer my four year old son learned how to ride a two wheeler bike with no training wheels. super proud dad moment! I could write about his motivation, determination, tenacity and persistence which lead to conquering the art of the peddle driven recreational vehicle in less then two hours and how we can takeContinue reading “Skinned Knees…”


A simple tattoo was all it took to remind me just  how important it is to “breathe”.  It was the only word inscribed with permanent ink in the sensitive skin of a wrist.    No words needed to be exchanged to experience one of those moments that will have a lasting impact on my currentContinue reading “Breathe”


     I don’t consider myself an expert in the sports injury or business field. There are plenty of world renown therapists, medical practitioners and business leaders that are years ahead of me. However, I am passionate about what I do, with a decade of experience starting and operating a small business. There have been severalContinue reading “Choices”

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