Open Hands

one of the most obvious life lessons I have had the (unfortunate) pleasure of learning over the past few years, is the life is not in my control.  As much as I can try and take control of things and try to steer situations, outcomes, even people in a direction that I feel they should … Continue reading Open Hands

The Good Doctor

To be able to pen words of wisdom and enlightenment, with an inspirational depth unattainable by another human while being consistent and concise with cadence and and incredible advice... is a dream that one day I wish to realize. I will never be as eloquent and precise as one of my all all time favorite … Continue reading The Good Doctor

assumptions and judgements

I feel like I live with this strange dichotomy.  I love to teach, to educate and share my knowledge.  To be in front of others; a group of strangers leading them into a deeper understanding of a particular topic I am passionate about. Yet at the same time I hate the feeling of being judged.  … Continue reading assumptions and judgements

Social Loneliness

According to my social media reach, my popularity and friendships are extensive...I couldn't begin to tell you just how many "friends" or "followers" I have on all the various platforms I visit daily. This is rather unfortunate and somewhat meaningless to my actual social reality. Running a business has prompted the unfortunate necessity for an … Continue reading Social Loneliness

Opportunity in Hard Places

Jon Acuff's book "Quitter" is a great book about being caught in the tension between your day job and your dream job, and the steps you need to take in order to quit said day job to exceptionally succeed in your dream job.  I have to admit that there were some concepts in a couple … Continue reading Opportunity in Hard Places

Shadows and Worry

These past few months have not ceased to amaze me... Even though I've learned a lot about myself, I'm still struggling to understand, process and implement all the things I need in order to be a better version of me.  And to be honest, I think part of the reason why is fear.  Fear of … Continue reading Shadows and Worry

In the Journey

"In the Journey is where life is found..." This quote hit me pretty hard as the recent documentary '25in24' came to an end.  It still amazes me how one line in a film or song can have such a huge impact.  I suppose it may have to do with my days lately and how they … Continue reading In the Journey

Think Inside the Box

I used to have this theory that the more credentials I have, the more letters behind my name or the more expansive my diversification of skills became, the better and more successful I would be as a business owner.    However, in recent years, as my skills have evolved over fourteen years as a Massage … Continue reading Think Inside the Box

Coffee and Conversations

It comes as no surprise that I like my coffee.  If you've followed any of my social media accounts - @joshmartinrmt on Instagram - you will see that I post a picture from my seat at Starbucks every time I sit to write...It's pretty much my second office and luckily for me, it's literally a … Continue reading Coffee and Conversations

Freedom in Failure

I wanted to write a post on failure, and just how important of a gift it is...but the irony is that I feel like I have, in fact, failed as it has taken me an incredibly long time to write it.  This topic is a bit of a debate within certain populations and people groups.  … Continue reading Freedom in Failure