New Year thoughts…from the ground up

I've taken a few days to gather my thoughts on the inevitable New Year's post. I've been asked by several people when I plan on writing something about said topic. To be honest, I really didn't want to. Personally, my 2018 was pretty awful and rather terrible. A difficult separation, a tragic loss to a … Continue reading New Year thoughts…from the ground up

Lessons from my 11yr old…

Thought I would share another piece from my upcoming book (hopefully due out sometime in 2019)... I learn a lot from my kids, not just in regards to the increasingly complex realm of parenting, but also the life lessons that they can teach me as I try to teach them. I honestly think that there … Continue reading Lessons from my 11yr old…

Don’t miss the Signs…

My inner reflection took place this past summer after another successful championship Lakers season, giving more proof to the What is Next strategy of the team, sweeping the visitors from the Canadian West coast in four games thanks to our focus on the small details of each shift.  I took some time with my dad … Continue reading Don’t miss the Signs…

Tattoos and Redemption

I got my first tattoo when I was twenty years old.  I waited until I was newly married and along with my wife, we did what most couples in the early parts of the new millennium were doing and got matching Chinese symbol ankle tattoos.  My tattoo stands for God is Truth, it is the … Continue reading Tattoos and Redemption

Problem with Productivity

Hustle is for Hipsters and Lunch Since the dawn of mainstream internet self help (sometime in the late 90’s), the word Hustle has been on the forefront of most social media platforms and the pocket ammo of most self-proclaimed business gurus and life coaches.  It’s the concept that to achieve your goals, you need to … Continue reading Problem with Productivity

Reflections on the Water

For the fist time in years, I took some time for me... it was one of the most difficult and mentally grueling tasks I have accomplished in a while. Being in the middle of a very stressful personal situation, trying to maintain a business and have some time for self care is an impossible task. … Continue reading Reflections on the Water

Fear of the (un)known

Its no surprise to you by now that I am a little bit of a coffee addict.  I tend to relate my life story to the process of making the most glorious nectar of the gods from bean to cup and how there is a strange parallel that can be drawn from this highly complicated … Continue reading Fear of the (un)known

Going for a spin

Driving by the Peterborough Exhibition after work today conjured up memories of a time I would prefer to let go from my vast collection of childhood stories.  The contraption of certain horror that caught my attention was the spiraling death trap with lights that starts horizontal than proceeds to propel itself in a vertical fashion … Continue reading Going for a spin

Finding Joy in the Mediocre

I'm not sure if I'm the only one on the Lacrosse bench that takes some of the coaches words as deep life lessons that make for great blog posts?!?  In the midst of a few expletives (that shouldn't be repeated), were scattered the words "focus on what is in front of you".  In the context … Continue reading Finding Joy in the Mediocre

Willing to be Misunderstood

My last post dove into the complexity of understanding and that with true understanding comes true wisdom.  And speaking of personal experience, realizing the importance of the messages we send to others with our words, actions and behaviors.   I want to take some time to explore the other side of the subject; when our message … Continue reading Willing to be Misunderstood