My Motivational Honeymoon

Have you ever felt so motivated that you could take on a giant? When it feels as though nothing can bring you down from cloud nine and you are essentially unstoppable? Your world is limitless! Your goals are going to be crushed! You will increase your income, followers and likes by 200% in the nextContinue reading “My Motivational Honeymoon”

What is Next…first 3 chapters

Etched inside the 2017 Canadian Lacrosse Championship ring proudly displayed on my dresser is the inscription, “What is Next”.   The very slogan that has propelled a team to a National Championship, has humbled me and taught me about life, love, teamwork, fear, failure and fighting for your dream; One shift at a time. CHAPTER 1Continue reading “What is Next…first 3 chapters”

Managing the Distraction

It is no secret, or shocking revelation when I tell you that distraction is the enemy of our progress.  Robin Sharma, Canadian author of ‘The 5am Club’ writes: “The addiction to Distraction is the death of creative production”.  Robin Sharma I have to laugh a little, as I’m spending a Saturday in Starbucks trying toContinue reading “Managing the Distraction”

My Worst Nightmare

In my opinion, one of the worst, day wrecking, gut wrenching, vomit inducing, mental breaking, nightmare of the epic proportions, is spilling my coffee. Just the mere thought of it has my skin crawling and begins to produce a visceral reaction that makes me eerily uncomfortable. knowing sips from the Heaven’s above will never beContinue reading “My Worst Nightmare”

New Year thoughts…from the ground up

I’ve taken a few days to gather my thoughts on the inevitable New Year’s post. I’ve been asked by several people when I plan on writing something about said topic. To be honest, I really didn’t want to. Personally, my 2018 was pretty awful and rather terrible. A difficult separation, a tragic loss to aContinue reading “New Year thoughts…from the ground up”