It is quiet out here. 

The air is different, it’s crisp characteristic engulfs my every sense as my lungs consume and expel each satisfying breath.  It is out in the untouched where the reality of our existence becomes challenged.  Our civilizations, built of concrete, steel and glass, pulsates with an imitating source of light and life that injects a persistent and invasive audible tone that only becomes recognizable in the stillness and silence of this moment.

It is quiet out here.

The silence takes a minute or two to cognitively register as normal.  Why has this become so distant; almost imaginary?  As I stare motionless into the tapestry stretching far beyond the capacity of my vision, I am left in awe at the beauty, grandeur and astonishing reverence of millions of suns burning in glorious brilliance. In this moment, I feel an awareness I have unknowingly longed for.  I am free.  The worry, anxiety and dependence of time, schedule and noise is gone.  It has been stolen for just this moment, and the small autonomic physical reactions from a slight kiss from a cool breeze against my exposed skin becomes like a visceral symphony of cognitive awakening.  It is impossible to feel this depth, this overwhelming depth, amongst the pillars and giants of our cities.    

It is quiet out here.

I’ve been out here before, several times in fact.  The journey to this place begins in the madness of our modern society. Taking transport evolved through time from untamed beasts to steel frames, rubber, combustion, and moving parts.  And yet, as I reel in the tension between the modern and the archaic, I am forced to be purposeful for I am not opposed to the advancements in technology or the modernization of these archaic methods and practices of old. In fact, I am so closely aware that our advancements have come through nature and from our natural resources and are deeply rooted in the very stillness I have found.   

It is quiet out here. 

However as I ponder the nexus of the natural and the manmade, I am stricken with grief.  The reliance of modern technology and advancements has driven us numb to the value of connection. True human connection.  The core of where we came from and the dependence our ancestors placed on the very earth we have consumed with our advancements.  An impermeable reliance for one another and an unwavering dependence on what the earth can provide. And now we are lost.  We are lost in the noise of the chaos.  Our focus is resigned to the flick of a finger across a screen, our minds corrupted by codes and false connections and in this moment I fear and grieve for my children, for their generation is lost in the noise.  Nature no longer exists.  The appreciation for time spent in the quiet of a still breeze is gone, for losing all sense of immortality, to become insignificant among the brilliance of what used to be a common place is now foreign.  We have all become lost in modern technology, screens and false friends.  Our lives dependant and our emotions reliant on hearts and likes from surface, meaningless affirmations.    Attention has been reduced to the flick of a finger

It is quiet here.

Through my mind’s storm, there is a peace I find out in the untouched,  out in the unmanicured and unpredictable.   A calming in my soul that resonates deep and what is unexplainably simple, devours the noise and stress.  And although emotion falls from my eyes, down my cheek and returns to the very earth where I find my grounding, I am at peace, I am open, and I am connected.  I am connected to something greater, something that has been here since the first breath of mankind. A voice deep inside that pleads to be in this place, muted and hushed is now allowed to harmonize with my soul.  Regardless of the spiritual energy you identify with,  connecting one’s heart to something greater breathes a new life into a dying soul.   Our experiences with hurt, grief, loss and struggle often feel less in the greatness of our nature.  When easily affected by troubles of the world and struggling to fight the sadness and sorrow,  time amongst the trees, rocks, water and earth can free a spirit to begin to let go.

It is quiet out here.

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