We can waste it, or make good use of it

There can sometimes never be enough or sometimes simply too much

To some, it is worth more than they have to give.  For others, it is a precious gift

It can be spent wisely and used for those that are most important to us

We can prioritize or procrastinate

Your use of time will ultimately determine your priorities.  We all have the same in a day, how will you choose to use what you’ve been given?

I was recently challenged by a friend when I stated that “I don’t have time to write anymore”…There was no time to sit and write or to even think some days….even though thoughts were bouncing around my head, the time to sit and compose just didn’t exist.  He didn’t buy it.  He told me that maybe someone needed to hear what was bouncing around in my frontal cortex… maybe it is a matter of priority.

Obviously I will not be choosing to write a blog or start a book over spending time with my wife and kids, however, if something feels important, don’t shelf it completely.

Prioritize and give Permission

If you are like me, days are scheduled; routine is key and any disturbance to the routine feels like defcon 1 – assemble for battle, ready the troops – Daddy’s going to blow… but I’ve learned that this mode of thinking and doing simply restricts the potential for new priorities, for new ventures, for new spontaneous activities.  I know it can be difficult for some, and I’m included in this group.  So where possible, give permission to allow some time.  Write a couple of words, play a few chords, draw a few sketches, design, read a page, listen, explore…acknowledge and give permission to allow yourself some time.

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