its been a while since my last post and boy has life been interesting… not going to get into all the details, but it has been tough…

I’ve already shared about the importance of breathing, and how life can make us forget that we are still alive, and just how much of a gift that is… but that is something that I have taken for granted lately.


simply, fluid, involuntary

when we consider the need for breathing and how each day is another challenge, another test of will, another something….why do we forget that we are still breathing?  even when we feel the need to hold our breath in frustration or we feel we need to come up for air as the challenges of life push us deeper…there is another breath coming, so be calm and breathe.

I want to wake with purpose…with passion…with motivation for my day

I want to breathe and be grateful for the air that fills my lungs and for the life that is ahead of me…and I want that for you too!

so be grateful for each breath, it is a gift.

killbear pic breath

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