Motivation vs Influence

it is quite difficult to get motivated these days.  There seems to be this twenty-nine & one principle that I’m plagued with.

29 days of the month I’m lucky to have my head on straight

1 (or 2) days of the month I am motivated, driven and focused, ready to destroy any obstacle in my path

I would love more days like the latter and have been trying to figure out what has been causing this tension between motivation and laziness.

Why can’t I find Motivation?  Maybe I’m working for the wrong reasons?


You can’t motivate anyone.  This is an internal, personal effect that comes from our influences.  What influences us will therefore motivate us.

It is an inward expression of our outward influences

when figuring out why we do what we do, the most important aspect is to figure out our influences.  What influences us on a daily basis to get up in the morning and do what we do, regardless of occupation, stress, finances, how tired I am….  When we loose site of what influences us, we start to loose our motivation to continue.

In my opinion we should also be mindful of what we let influence.

Fame and Fortune tend to be among some of the prevalent influences in today’s generation, and to be honest, they are not all bad.  I’m not going to lie and say I don’t wish to have a little more then I do, to be recognized, to have financial freedom.  However, I also strongly believe that our primary influences need to go deeper then our wallet or lights.  They should move us, challenge us daily, be challenging, and deeply personal, rooted in emotion and have deep meaning for years to come.

Only when we discover our deep influences can we truly be motivated.  Regardless of the upward battle we face daily, we cannot give up for it will have a much greater significant impact then not being able to purchase a new shirt or pair of shoes.

these are my primary influences (along with my wife)…I’m lucky to have 6 perfect reminders every day of why I wake up in the morning!


everyday is a battle, but for these gems, I will fight!

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