A simple tattoo was all it took to remind me just  how important it is to “breathe”.  It was the only word inscribed with permanent ink in the sensitive skin of a wrist.    No words needed to be exchanged to experience one of those moments that will have a lasting impact on my current reality.  As a therapist, we encounter a multitude of individuals and have countless conversations daily, and the more comfortable you are with a client, the deeper the conversations get.  Obviously within the profession we have specific boundaries and guidelines that we do not cross, and what is said within the four walls of a treatment room is trusted to stay there.  However, on occasion, there are moments and conversations that you can’t forget, they come at a time that it is most needed, that we might be looking for something to grab on to…. this simple tattoo was what I needed to see…BREATHE

When in the depth of chaos, when the seemingly unrelenting stress of business, finances, health, family and priorities begin to cloud judgement, when poor decisions are made, when relationships are strained; a simple step back and breathe.


Take the time to stop, take observation of the surroundings, take control and begin the steps to create positive change.

Sometimes it happens daily, but the constant reminder to breathe could begin to give clarity to your chaos.


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