Words from The Ground Up


It is quiet out here.  The air is different, it’s crisp characteristic engulfs my every sense as my lungs consume and expel each satisfying breath.  It is out in the untouched where the reality of our existence becomes challenged.  Our civilizations, built of concrete, steel and glass, pulsates with an imitating source of light and … Continue reading Quiet

The Tension of Regret

I live everyday with regrets. I could poetically and philosophically somehow weave a tapestry of narration to echo some past sentiment I’m sure I’ve once spoke ‘learning from mistakes’ or how life never has regrets, only lessons… But I’m exhausted, a little depressed and a little angry. And not at anyone in particular, but in … Continue reading The Tension of Regret

Thoughts for Quarantine

I can still remember my first day of college and the preparation leading up to the big day, back in 2001. The excitement was palpable I bought all the books, printed my schedule months in advance, gathered intelligence regarding the layout of the college, wore my nicest shirt, dressed to impressed and was ready to … Continue reading Thoughts for Quarantine


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